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22 June 2009 @ 05:19 pm
This LJ only for friends.
02 March 2009 @ 12:51 am

My PC has virus... my soul? has it, too... Damn headache... when it hurts that much, I'm not ableto talk to anyone... I'm tired... in general... tired of everything... I'm writing ths, because I love to write and somehow the blog doesn't reply to u and said little kind words like "it's okay, everything is gonna be alright"... but if it's only one of thousand things in my head? Hate it... this feeling of emptyness ... and the worst of it... it makes me stronger... I dislike people with strong feelings that cannot be opened by anyone... so what's the fact in being strong? The ones that doesn't hide emotions are so beautful.... so beautiful... I can only admire them.. so noble... so unreachable...  I cannot touch them... there are so NEAR! and I can't touch them... because they are too beautiful... angels that cannot be touched by a dirty hand. It starts always with his headache... thoughts and more toughts... that cannot be spoken, but doesn't let you sleep... No aspirins, neither alcohol... only music... I love the power that the music has inside... the power to make you cry, the power of making  you remember... the power to feel. A deep breath... There are so many persons... but why... why only them... the ones I desire. Talking about desire... my favourite feeling... You cannot understimate the sarcastic desire... The whole life is desire... It starts when u  were born... the desire towards the life. The desire to want you near... more and more... more, more, more... and finally free. Letting your feeligs free... now you are weak. Weren't you strong? Yes, but my feelings are stronger after feeling weak... What a beautiful contrast! Promiscous people are strong and free? No, they are only dirt. That's te part of the dear desire that goes wrong... If there is a limit in expressing feelings.... there is no more freedom. And no freedom makes you mediocre. MEDIOCRE. By the way, I love this word, too. If you are a mediocre person, you will never touch the sky... or better... the angel of pureness.  Back to desire... like the tale in Monster anime... The siblings that only wanted a name... they desired a name... so they ate everyone in the world that had a name to be this person and experienced he feeling of having a name for a time. Only having the feeling... that is so true, when it envolves desire... It is only pleasant for a time... then? A person that has not a name, will never have one. The end is only eating yourself, leaded by desire. You cannot fight it. Neither is it good to have this kind of feelings, the magic of desire... Then it's your choice. That's why you live. If I have not a name, will I be able to smile? I love the night. Now I'm smiling... I'm smiling to be aware of it, to have a choice  to make. It's a human tale.

And words come only with this terrible headache... I'm not used to think haha...
But I'm inspired... Happy Birthday dear grandmother in heaven, miss u so much.
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07 February 2009 @ 12:09 am
I'm bored, so I decided to take a picture of todays shopping *3* !! Some earings (love earings!!) and some shiny things for the hair (love shiny things, too =_=). Me and a friend of mine, Alicia, were walking for 3 hours through the china town here in lima, where all the stuff u can buy is really really CHEAP ! *------*

Everything in this photo costed 7$ *---* xDD
when it's cheap, I always have this kind of feeling that I want to buy more and more !! xDD *weird thing* ...


Yesterday I finally saw VAMPS TOUR LIVE 2008 waaaaaaaaaah ! no words for it !!!
I love hyde...
I love him in a bride dress...
I love his nipple rings...
I love him playing with his toungue and green lasers...
I love his blue neon eyes xDD ...
I love him taking a shower...
I love him kissing anis ...   ... ...  ok that not xD !

  2. IT'S SAD
  3. DOLLY
  13. HELLO
  16. Lucy in theSky with Diamonds

*Love his 'self cover' from Glamorous Sky*

Ahh what a DVD ! Amazing job ~~

but next time don't forget the menu guide!! xD

Wish I could have 80$ now ;_____; !!!!!!


See ya ..  : ) 


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03 February 2009 @ 01:03 am

Well I'm making as first post some test that i think is very funny, but it is in spanish x.x

Ahi ta... lo tomé de x ahi (8)

Este es el juego.....Empieza con 100% y quitale 1% por cada cosa que hayas hecho. Luego mandalo como soy __% Virgen.

porcetaje inicial: 100%

1 Fumado
2 Bebido alcohol
3 Llorado cuando alguien murio
4 Estado borracho(a)
5 Tenido sexo
6 Ido a un concierto
7 Masturbado a alguien o te han masturbado
8 Hecho sexo oral o recibido sexo oral
9 Te han acosado verbal o sexualmente
10 Has acosado verbal o sexualmente a alguien

puntaje actual: 91%

11 Sentado en la falda de alguien o sentado a alguien en tus piernas
12 Reido tan fuerte que algo se te salio de la nariz
13 Sido infiel a tu novio(a)
14 Sido engañada por tu novio(a)
15 Ido a un 'Prom'
16 Llorado en la escuela
17 Perdido en Walmart o en una tienda por departamento
18 Ido como un rayo
19 Dado o recibido un ''lap dance''
20 Tenido a alguien del sexo opuesto en tu cuarto

porcentaje actual: 84%

21 Dormido con alguien del sexo opuesto
22 Dormido en la casa de alguien del sexo opuesto
23 Besado un extraño
24 Abrazado un extraño
25 Zampado en una piscina
26 Guiado un carro
27 Recibido rayos-X
28 Golpeado(a) por un carro
29 Tenido una fiesta
30 Ingerido drogas ilicitas

porcentaje actual: 78%

31 Jugado a desnudar a algo o alguien
32 Recibido pago para que le hagas un ''strip'' a alguien
33 Huido de tu casa
34 Roto algun hueso
35 comido sushi
36 comprado pornografia
37 Visto pornografia
38 Hecho pornografia
39 Te has enamorado de alguien de tu mismo sexo
40 Has estado enamorado

porcentaje actual: 72%

41 Besado de lengua
42 Reido tanto que lloraste
43 Llorado tanto hasta quedarte dormido
44 Reido tanto que te quedaste dormido
45 Apuñalado tu mismo
46 Disparado un arma
47 Hablado ''mierda'' de alguien y despues actuar como su mejor amigo
48 Visto television por 8 horas consecutivas
49 Estado conectado por 9 horas consecutivas
50 Visto a un animal morir

Porcentaje actual: 66%

51 Visto a una persona morir-
52 Besado o estado con al menos una persona
53 Mentido a alguien
54 Mandado a alguien al hospital
55 Usmeado en las cosas o el cuarto de alguien mas
56 Besado a alguien del mismo sexo
57 Vestido ''punk''
58 Vestido ''Gothika(o)''
59 Vestido ''emo"
60 Ido a una carrera de motocross

porcentaje actual: 59%

61 Evitado a alguien
62 Sido rechazado
63 Rechazar a alguien
64 Conocido a una celebridad
65 Tocado algun instrumento
66 Corrido a caballo
67 Cortado tu mismo
68 Usado un ''Bungee jumped''
69 Molestado a alguien
70 Ido a una fiesta salvaje

porcentaje actual: 51%

71 Sido atrapado robandote algo
72 Pateado a un hombre o chico en las.....
73 Robado un novi@ a un(a) amig@
74 Salido con el/la que le gusta a tu amig@
75 Sido arrestado o levantado
76 Estado embarazada o dejado embarazada
77 Vomitado en la cama
78 Ido a otro pais
79 Quemado tu casa
80 Tenido un encuentro con un fantasma

porcentaje actual: 46%

81 Donado tu cabello a pacientes de cancer
82 Invitado a salir por alguien que jamas pensaste te fuera a invitar a salir
83 Llorado sobre alguien del sexo opuesto
84 Tenido un novio(a) por 3 meses o mas
85 Sentado sobre tu trasero todo el dia
86 Comido todo un envase de helado tu solo(a)
87 Tenido un trabajo
88 Estado en un equipo de deportes
89 Sido llamado Put@
90 Bailado como Put@

porcentaje actual: 41%

91 Sido confundido con una celebridad
92 Estado en un accidente de carro
93 Te han dicho que tienes uno ojos hermosos
94 Te han dicho que tienes un pelo hermoso
95 Violado a alguien
96 Bailado bajo la lluvia
97 Sido rechasado
98 Ido de un restaurante sin pagar
99 Golpeado a alguien en la cara
100 Tenido algo de una noche con un desconocid@.

porcentaje final: 36

This test was about how "pure" you are and I became 36% ... that's not true!! xD I'm pure I know it *---* xDD !

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